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The Jordan Jermacans Scholarship Fund
In Loving Memory of a Friend to All
Administered by Exeter High School

By now we’re sure that you are aware of the passing of our son, Jordan. It has been extremely painful for our family, but we continue to be heartened by the outpouring of love from the entire Exeter Community (and beyond), which we view as a testament to the beautiful life that Jordan lived. His friends (which include pretty much everyone he ever met) have called it “The JJ Effect”.

If you are among those who were fortunate enough to know Jordan personally, we are sure that you understand The JJ Effect and have many of your own cherished memories of him, but for those of you who were not so blessed, please allow us to tell you a little about what made him so special. Like many kids, Jordan loved sports (especially basketball), video games, and hanging out with his family and friends, but what stood out most in Jordan was a fundamental kindness. Jordan treated everyone with respect. His casual style and easy smile would transform a room. His infectious laugh turned many mundane moments into ones of great hilarity. We still cry often when, like now, we are thinking of Jordan, but we are very grateful too.

It is expected that elders teach the young, but it has become clear that through his grace, Jordan provided lessons for us all. We want to honor the values of kindness and sportsmanship that Jordan lived so fully and encourage them in everyone. To do so, we are asking for your support of the Jordan Jermacans Scholarship, to be awarded to the Exeter High School student who most fully lives those values.

Thank you for all of your support and God bless you.

Please make checks payable to:
Exeter HS Scholarship Fund
(IMPORTANT: Please note “Jordan Jermacans” in the memo)
201 East 37th Street
Reading, PA 19606

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